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Access integrated world-class cyber security resources, training and consultancy ONLINE!

ISO27001 is the international information security management best-practice Standard that will help you protect your information assets, comply with local compliance requirements and thrive as you give your customers confidence that their information is protected.

Leverage our ISO27001 expertise 24/7 to protect your information assets anywhere in the world. Our four structured solutions enable any organisation to implement ISO27001 at a speed and budget that is appropriate for their individual needs and preferred project approach.

2014 introductory launch offer: Save 10% off the 'Get A Little Help', 'Get A Lot Of Help' and 'We'll Do It For You' options if purchased before the end of 2014.






1. We provide you with essential reading to guide you through implementation.


2. You implement the Standard and prepare for certification on your own.


✔ International Standards:

ISO27001, ISO27002 & ISO27000

✔ Two essential books on ISO27001:

1. Nine Steps to Success - An ISO27001 Implementation Overview

2. IT Governance - An International Guide to Data Security and ISO27001/ISO27002




1. We provide you with essential reading, practical resources, training and online support during implementation.


2. You implement the Standard and prepare for certification on your own.


Everything in the DO IT YOURSELF package plus:

✔ Lead Implementer Training (live and online)
✔ Lead Auditor Training (live and online)
✔ vsRisk – Risk Assessment Software
✔ Documentation Toolkit
✔ LiveOnline Support (two hours)


Save 10% in 2014
Was: $6,800
Now: $6,120


1. We provide you with, and show you how to deploy, all the resources you need during implementation.


2. Your mentor shows you how to implement the Standard and prepares you for certification.


Everything in the GET A LITTLE HELP package plus:

✔ Mentor and Coach Consultancy
(five days)


Save 10% in 2014
Was: $16,700
Now: $15,050


1. You get in touch and we provide everything.


2. We implement the Standard and prepare you for certification.



✔ Bespoke Solution – Call us on
0845 070 1750


Save 10% in 2014
Was from: $8,500
Now from: $7,650


Cyber crime is on the rise - choose ISO27001 and fight back

Cyber crime is increasing exponentially as business and consumer dependence on the Internet is growing. The Nation Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) Cyber Crime Statistics show a 50% rise in Indian cyber crime in 2013 compared to 2012.

Organisations that fail to implement robust cyber security measures are continuously in danger of cyber attack, putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage and risking losing the trust of their customers.

ISO27001 is the globally accepted best-practice Standard that will help you fight cyber crime. Its approach covers people, processes and technology, ensuring that every aspect of cyber security is addressed.

Implement ISO27001 to protect your business from cyber crime.

Choose your packaged solution and get started today.

More information:

  1. Apart from the ‘Bespoke Solution’, delivery is via live, online consultancy and training.
  2. ‘Do It Yourself’ and ‘Get A Little Help’ will benefit companies of all sizes.
  3. ‘Get A Lot Of Help’ is applicable to companies with up to 500 employees.
  4. 'Get A Lot Of Help' does not include two hours of live online consultancy. The consultancy is delivered live, online at each of the critical points in the consultancy project and to an agreed project timetable.
  5. ‘FastTrack is designed for small businesses with up to 19 employees.
  6. Training includes one delegate place for each identified course on our live, online public courses. We can also offer places on UK-based public courses for a small extra charge. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.